Midikey2Key Download


Latest version
MidiKey2Key v2.0.9.2 (Windows installer file) Brandnew TS-Listeners-Setup. Added Auto-search-ini-function for Train Simulator.
BugFixes(Autostarted MK2K listened to CH1 only, 'Confirmation after saving...' was not stored and other small bugs)
Beta! After heavy code-changes there are some bugs possible, so please report!

Older versions
MidiKey2Key v2.0.6.0 (Windows installer file) Shift-click recognition/"All Lights Off" in APCmini-helper to select many LED-buttons at once. BugFixes at deleting actions and using 'NumPadReturn' as special key
MidiKey2Key v2.0.3.0 (Windows installer file) fixed a bug when saving a shortcut.
MidiKey2Key v2.0.2.0 (Windows installer file) 'Hold PC-Key until NoteOff is received' added.
MidiKey2Key v2.0.1.0 (Windows installer file) Minor Bugfix & STARTUP Commands added.
MidiKey2Key v1.9.9.0 (Windows installer file) Major settings are now stored in registry; fixed crash of v1.9.8.0
MidiKey2Key v1.9.6.5 w/Train Simulator support & AKAI APCmini helper (Windows installer file)
MidiKey2Key v1.9.0.0 (Windows installer file)
MidiKey2Key v1.8.7.0 (Windows installer file)
MidiKey2Key v1.6.0.8 (Windows installer file)
MidiKey2Key v1.6.0.1 (Windows installer file)

Other tools/files
VB-Script-SDK to toggle two program-start-actions by a single script. [vbs]
In the given example VLC starts and stops playing triggered by the same Midi-event [vbs]
VB-Script to generate Commands for the AKAI APCmini [vbs]
Midi Documentation by Juan P Bello [pdf]
KORG driver for nanoPad (1/2) and many other devices, Win10
KORG KONTROL Editor for nanoPad 1