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MidiKey2Key is a free software that lets You turn any MIDI-In event into a keyboard-action on your computer or start any program or command on your computer. The posibilities are almost unlimited.
All you need is a MIDI-device connected to your PC which can send MIDI-commands.
I.e. a small MIDI-pad with nice buttons is recommended to be turned into a command-board, which controls actions on your PC.
So it is possible, to switch scenes in OBS (Open Broadcaster Software, streams games or your entire windows-desktop) by touching a button of your MIDI-device or MIDI-footpedal.
Even the program-start of OBS itself can be initiated by your MIDI-device.

It can light up LEDs on Your MIDI-controller when receiving events of Your choice.
Built-in support for AKAI APCmini for easily LED-setup.
It can handle pots or faders whose changes will be translated into multible keypresses e.g. "+" or "-" to control increasing or decreasing value-actions.
Native Trainsimulator-support lets You control this game smoothly with faders and lights up LEDs depending of Trainsimulator status changes.


Do You change the games, that You stream, often?
No more need to open the twitch-page for entering the game-name and Your stream-title!
Now You can change these settings quickly with TwitchControl!
It lets You store an unlimited number of templates, which You can switch to in seconds.
It´s a windows program, which is still beta, but it should work.
Manual install. Read the included help.txt for installation and use.
It uses the twitch-API and requires once Your authorization to manage Your twitch-account.
It takes a stored preset-name as start-argument to switch Your dashboard silently and quickly.

New: UPDATE v1.21 compatible to the latest Twitch-API!


StartRemote is a small program-suite, that lets You control a remote-PC by starting programs or command-batches remotely in Your LAN or over the internet.
It has a handy user-interface, which lets You define an unlimited number of buttons - in a size of Your choice - that triggers a remote-action and even local actions.
If You have a IP v6 internet-connection or are unable to configure port-forwarding in Your router, StartRemote brings a helper-tool that uses a free ngrok-account for sending all Your commands thru a private tunnel, that needs no further configuration!
Read the documentaion carefully for installation and use.


GetMSIProductCode is a little tool, that retrieves very easily the product-code-property from a msi-file. This is a need of system-engineers, who deal with installer-files and often need this property.

GetMSIProductCode comes in two small programs - You would only need one of them.
The first show a small window into which You can drag a msi-file. It shows then the product-code and copies it into the clipboard.
The second installs itself into the explorer´s context-menu for msi-files. When You right-click on an msi-file and choose ´Get ProuctCode´, the product-code will be copied into the clipboard. Very cool!


GTAKick helps You to be alone in a GTA online Multiplayer-Session.
There is no need to Alt+Tab into Windows to deal with tools.
Just press a hotkey-combination inside the game and other players will disappear. You can use this whenever You need it. Even during a mission.

Other players will not be kicked, You just will be ported into an empty session.
This method is legal, because it also can be done with Windows factory programs or by removing the network-cable. GTAKick does nothing different.
So there is no reason to fear a rockstar-ban of Your account.

Please notice the ReadMe!


Just write a comment, report a bug, get help or suggest a feature.
For MidiKey2Key please use use the official Discord-Channel: https://discord.gg/MgTkrpw for much faster response and access to the MK2K-community.

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