GetMSIProductCode is a little tool, that retrieves very easily the product-code-property from a msi-file. This is a need of system-engineers, who deal with installer-files and often need this property.

GetMSIProductCode comes in two small programs - You would only need one of them.
The first show a small window into which You can drag a msi-file. It shows then the product-code and copies it into the clipboard.
The second installs itself into the explorer´s context-menu for msi-files. When You right-click on an msi-file and choose ´Get ProuctCode´, the product-code will be copied into the clipboard. Very cool!


  • Easy and fast setup
  • Super easy and fast use
  • Show the MSI-product-code and/or puts it into the clipboard
  • Can be uninstalled in seconds

Installation and use

GetMSIProductCode comes in two little programs. Unzip them into a directory of Your choice.

You can choose between two ways to use it:
GetMSIProductCode.exe needs no installation. It is used by dragging a msi-file on it or started with a doubleclick.
When You drag a msi-file on it, it simply shows the produtc-code and puts it into the clipboard:
When You start it, it shows a window, that tells You to drag a msi-file on it:
After dragging a msi-file ont this window it shows the product-code and put it into the clipbpard.

GetMSIProductCodeAndQuit.exe installs iteself into the explorer´s context-menu when You start it once as administrator. It shows a confirmation-message:
When You now click right on a msi-file, the contex-menu shows a new entry ´Get ProductCode´:
When choosen, it shows a little confirmation-message, which disappears after two seconds, that the product-code was put into the clipboard:

Uninstall GetMSIProductCodeAndQuit

To remove the context-menu for GetMSIProductCodeAndQuit, start GetMSIProductCodeAndQuit.exe with the argument /unregister.
You don´t need to remember this command, as You can start GetMSIProductCodeAndQuit.exe with the argument /? to get help:


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