New version v2.0.1 (July 2023)
Do You change the games, that You stream, often?
No more need to open the twitch-page for entering the game-name and Your stream-title!
Now You can change these settings quickly with TwitchControl!
It let´s You store an unlimited number of templates, which You can switch to in seconds.
It´s a windows program, which is still beta, but it should work.
Manual install. Read the included help.txt for installation and use.
It uses the twitch-API and requires once Your authorization to manage Your twitch-account.
It takes a stored preset-name as start-argument to switch Your dashboard silently and quickly.


  • Easy and quick setup
  • Minimal harddisk-space required
  • Stores a unlimited number of presets
  • Sets title and game of Your twitch-channel
  • Can be launched with a preset-name as argument to change Your twitch-channel quickly and without a window

Video tutorials

Quick tutorial

Installation and use

TwitchControl comes without an installation program. Just all files and copy it into a location of Your choice. It is recommended, to create a shortcut on Your desktop or in the start-menu.

After that:
  • Make sure, that You are connected to the internet
  • Open TwitchControlN.exe
  • (Maybe) confirm once a warning, that this is a unknown downloaded software
  • A twitch-login-prompt appears
  • Login with Your twitch account and allow TwitchControl to manage Your twitch-account (once)
  • Restart TwitchControlN. Now a demp-preset for Fortnite was generated.
Now You can
  • make new presets for Your games by using the "New Preset" - button and after making changes clicking the "Save Preset" - button
  • change the existing presets by selecting one and give a new preset-name, title and game,
  • or delete a preset using the "Delete Preset" - button.
  • Generate desktop shortcuts for presets for an easy silent one-click.use
To switch Your twitch-account to another game-preset, just choose a preset an click "Activate".
You can make shortcuts to presets of TwitchControl (i.e. on the desktop) by adding after "...\Twitchcontrol.exe" one space and then a name of a preset. If the preset-name contains whitespaces, You must surround it with quotes. When You start TwitchControl via such a shortcut, TwitchControl changes Your game quickly without showing any window.

To disconnect TwitchControl from Your twitch-account:
  • Open www.twitch.tv in browser and login
  • Click on Your account-symbol on the right upper corner
  • Choose "Settings"
  • Choose "Connections", the very right link of the top-menu
  • Scroll down to "Other Connections"
  • Find "AccountSettingsApp" and click on the button "Disconnect"


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